Sunday, March 20

Works In Progress

These are my last two finished quilt tops in the pile that need to be sandwiched and stitched. Of course the green and purple one is one of the very first quilts I've put together and one that I am most excited about getting done. I think it's size is just daunting! 
Pattern: Starlight Lounge Mini
Fabric: Martinique by Moda
Martinique is one of my absolute favorite lines of fabric. I made my first work apron out of it and the creams and browns were nice and versatile with whatever colors I threw on in the morning. This quilt is really small, only 38"x38" so hopefully some day I have a baby girl to wrap up in it. I love it far too much to give away!

Pattern: Yellow Brick Road
Fabric: Mostly Flora and Fauna by Michael Miller and Love by Amy Butler
This quilt is always going to make me think of Chuck (the TV show) because I cut out all of the pieces on my bedroom floor with Hulu catching me up on the episodes that I missed during the end of my last semester. I love that it has Minkee and flannel mixed in with the regular quilting cottons. Bump described the color scheme as having "sparkle" because your eye jumps around and is always moving. Nothing calm or boring here! I love the contrast in colors but I'm still unsure on the border. I think they kind of look like evil eyes. This one will be somewhere in between a twin and a full.

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