Saturday, March 19

Flat Iron Case

For some time I've thought about making a case for my straightener and that day has finally come! It's a bit of a necessity because I leave it out on the counter until it cools down before putting it in the cupboard and that usually means that I forget and it just lives there! To get some inspiration I searched around on Pinterest and found this really great tutorial from Rubies and Pearls. I liked it because of the fold over top to keep the ends contained.  I didn't end up doing mine that way because my layers of fabric were too thick. I used Amy Butler home decor scraps so it matches a big shopper bag that I made this summer.

All I did to modify the tutorial was fold over a flap and stitch on some velcro as a closure. I then tacked a strip of ribbon on the top of the flap to hide where the velco is. Thats it! I also used Insulbrite instead of regular batting because it's what I have and because it's made for hot pads. The combination of the heavy fabric and special batting make it super heat proof! One downside is that it doesn't fit the whole cord very well and the plug is a really tight fit. I don't plan on storing it with the cord inside because I don't want it to melt so that shouldn't really be a problem, just a heads up!

I'm going on a trip down to San Francisco this week and I'm celebrating the week off of work by having painted nails!!! Hooray! I call these my galaxy fingers. 

Emma also says hi!

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Bekah said...

Elle Bell I know your mission President. He'll be there this summer. Pres. and Sister Mckee. You'll love them.