Thursday, March 31

The Sibs Quilts

I don't get to see my Dad's little kids that often and since it will be a year and a half until I can visit again I made them each a quilt to snuggle with if they miss me. Elisabeth immediately ripped her comforter off and carefully straightened out her new bedspread.

I also made her pillowcase for Christmas.  I designed this quilt and made it from Bliss by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. The squares are flannel and the sashing, border, and back are quilting cotton.  It was really very simple but I love how intricate it looks! I did free motion flowers on the biggest squares and a zig zag around the border. 

Lars is undoubtedly THE cutest little boy on the face of the planet. His blankie is a rag quilt. All of the flannel for both projects were scraps that I saved when I was making receiving blanket kits at Porter's, so his was entirely free :)
I don't put batting in my rag quilts. Do you?

Here we are snuggling up for a good-bye hug. Elisabeth exclaimed right before this "I HATE taking pictures!" Of course.

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The Perfect Pear said...

what a pretty quilt! i love that first pictures! :)
p.s. about my leather feather earrings? haha, what course, i dont believe i took a course where i've seen these, although there have been variations floating around!
p.p.s. cute blog btw, love the background!