Friday, April 1

Light of the World

I met a new coworker a few weeks back and as I got a chance to talk to her she just smiled at me and said, "I could tell you ware a Christian."  Now think a moment about that. I was just wearing all black and a hairnet like all of my other  coworkers. We hadn't spoken a word but to introduce ourselves before, and she knew it.  She wasn't surprised in the slightest when I told her of my faith and that I'm going to share my testimony with strangers for a year and a half.

How did she know? How could she tell? What she could see in me is what we call "the light of Christ".  There is something special about a person who knows that Jesus Christ has atoned for our sins and that life is more than just a series of mindless obstacles.

The world today is getting darker and more depressing every moment. My parents don't watch the news anymore because it is just a depressing stream of information that they don't want affecting us in our home.  What is amazing though is that as times are getting harder more people are turning to the Lord for their strength.  His path is the only sure way to eternal happiness. A great quote from the scriptures to share this point is found in Mosiah 16:7-9 "...the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ.  He is the light and life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened".

When we are faithful in our obedience to God's commandments we will have that light of Christ that other's can see and just feel from being with us. Its obvious in our countenance and it is alluring to those that are seeking truth.

I know that many bloggers don't share anything about religion or their faith for any number of reasons. I want all of my blog readers to know that isn't me. I think that holding back from sharing my love of the gospel of Jesus Christ is denying other people the blessing of knowing their Savior and it holds back blessings from me as well. That's a main reason that I am so excited to serve a mission, because that's all I will be doing for a year and a half! Bringing joy into other people's lives! If you want to know more you can go to this website!

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michael ann said...

you go girl! the courage to share my beliefs more is something that i'm working are. you are going to be such a fabulous missionary because you already are!!