Thursday, March 31

In The City

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (Kitty wrote that. And I can't delete his first typed words!)

So as I've mentioned, I went to San Francisco last week to do some shopping for the mission! On the drive down I had with me a friend-of-a-friend's-sister who needed a ride to the airport. Luckily we got along really well, or else it could have been a long 5 hours! (Or 4 and a half...I swear I wasn't speeding!) 
Stephanie (she's the tag-a-long) is from North Dakota and she was on her way home from being a nanny in Australia for 10 months (awesome!) but she'd never been anywhere in San Francisco besides the airport! Since her flight wasn't until midnight I tossed my camera at her and we spent an afternoon being as touristy as we wanted to be!
I love seeing this view after coming out of the rainbow tunnel! 
Bread sculptures at the Boudin Bakery 
I haven't been down to this part of the city in years and I went twice this week.

I tried to get my flip-flopped foot up into the picture but I just tumbled backwards and almost fell over an old guy. Whoops!

I hate seagulls. And I've never been to Alcatraz. Or as Stephanie said, "Is that Azkaban??"

Sometimes taking pictures through windshields turns out pretty!

Understatement of the year. If Charly hadn't put new roters and brake pads on my car we would have died. Really.

I saw this idea on pinterest and had to try it for myself!

There are no pictures of us because we looked like poop. Well at least I did.

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LauraHurst said...

Azkaban! Love it!! I kinda wanna go to San Fran now...just to be a tourist.