Monday, March 14

A Project Complete!

While working at Porter's this past year I fell in love with many fabrics and typically seeing them every day was enough to get my fix.  There were some however that I just bought yards and yards of. The woodgrain fabric that inspired this quilt was one of them. I bought a little bit for a journal project during Red Velvet Summer Camp and it started a fever that burned in my crafty heart. The rest of the bolt came home with me shortly afterwards. I recovered a body pillow so it now looks like a log but there was so much of the fabric left that I knew I should make a quilt with it. Several visits to JoAnn's and Redwood Sewing Center later the final concept was born.

I give you, The Toadstools and Pinwheels Quilt

Yay! Hooray! Applause! 
This is the first project that I have made with the intention to sell and it is a different mindset of quilting. I think I do better work when I know that the final piece won't be with me forever, but I'm also not quite as motivated because I know I don't get to snuggle up with it at the end. 
You can find it for sale in my shop!
A look at the fabric on the back

Close-up view of the 'shrooms

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