Tuesday, March 8

Elyssa. Stop Whining. I Was Lying When I Said This Wasn't About You.

I don't know which version of waking up I like better:
1. Proper with crossed legs

Or 2. The fat tard 

Also this is a terrible post because Elyssa is in my ear crying about how fantastic we are. So here is easy blogging. A photodump of me and Elyssa.

This was at her birthday party. There was a puppy there!

THE Christmas Party. There was much amused fighting after the sugar rush of mocktails.  

Boys Like Girls concert in Blackfoot. Super fun!

Said mocktails.

I really do like her. This was an ongoing battle.

"And if you do something to thwart it I will have to take action against you."


Gonzaga said...
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Elyssa said...

i just love you so very much. i'll stop whining for a little bit at least, but only because you put me all over your blog.

i love you. please stop making me cry.

Marsy said...

Love the crossed legged Kitty pic :)