Wednesday, March 30

Three Sizes That Day

My heart is growing bigger and bigger and stretching across the states.

There will always be a piece of it at home in California with my family and the streets I've seen since birth. The road to my Grandparent's house that I walked up after school every day. Slugs from Los Bagels (it's always the food that we miss the most). The passion that most everyone has for protecting the environment. The smell of ocean and redwoods and marijuana....(oh wait. I don't care for that part much).

But this girl can't be tied down to one place forever.

Idaho took a chuck and it won't let go. When I checked up on Brandilyn's blog the other day the glimpses of Main Street just made me want one more day having lunch at Great Harvest and a day of work cutting fabric at Porter's. One more afternoon in the Smith building watching snow fall instead of listening to a rhetoric lecture. One more spur of the moment trip to the hot springs in packed cars and good friends. Don't cry for me Madison  county. I bet i'll find my way back to you in the future.

And now as I am preparing for my mission I can't wait to meet the Paula Deen's that are waiting for me in Tennessee and Kentucky. I get mixed responses from people when I tell them I am moving there in just 2 months. Most are shocked that I'll be going so far and tell me how hard it will be (they have NO idea) and then of course they say something about Southern hospitality and that the people are so nice. It's amazing to me that I love the people I am going to serve without knowing anyone yet or anything about them. They are in my prayers and always on my mind. I wish these few months could just fly by!

Be prepared for future hearts to pop up on this map because I know there is so much more out there for me to explore and I plan on getting to it!

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tori b. said...

Isn't fun how these places that we give pieces of our lives to steal pieces of our hearts, too?

I have tons of hearts on my map. Even some in places I haven't been yet, just like you with Tennessee and Kentucky.

Congratulations on your call, by the way! What a wonderful experience that will be. :)