Wednesday, February 9

Word For Wednesday

[uh-mal-guh m]

1. An alloy of mercury with another metal or metals
2. A mixture or combination
definition courtesy of

This is a word that I learned this week thanks to um...Greek :) Since I'm not in school I need to keep up on my smarts and I think this will be a fine way to do it.  I will be more aware of my surroundings and do my best to pick up on new words that I hear and if that doesn't happen by Wednesday then I'll just have to look a cool one up and use it myself!

Also I love Urban Dictionary so maybe I should share this week's word in urban terms:
"Shaken with mercury (or other semi-solid), separated and heated until she is a precious metal residue, as in Shakira's moving of body in her Hips Don't Lie video and her appearing covered in molten residue.
ex., "What an amalgam. Shakira is so hot. I'd fo sho drink her dirty bath water"
oh urban dictionary

This picture of Cappie doesn't really have anything to do with my word, other than he is my current TV massive crush. Oh, and I'm talking about Greek so it's ok right?

What makes this week's word even better is that Sarah used it in a normal sentence yesterday.  As I bashfully admitted my knowledge of the word she laughed and said that they used it again on the most recent episode (I'm still on season one). Not only do we spend lots of time together, we are also creepily in sync with out vocabulary and TV schedules.  Also we are mighty lucky that we have crushes on different characters. Every time. Until you bring up Christian Bale.

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Elle said...

jack kelllllllllllly. hahahahahhaha, i'm still signed in as you. i love it when i make your blog.