Friday, February 11

Sweet Treats

If I lived closer to most of my friends this year I would have made a truckload of homemade Valentine's. But I don't so I made one little sweet treat and I'm going to send them out today.  Obviously I can't share what that is because some of those friends would get their surprise spoiled! What I can do is share some links to a few ideas for V-day that could still be done in time for Monday. I haven't gotten them done for the fam yet so there is still time to try out one or two!

Scratch cards from Family Fun

Photobooth Paper Chain tutorial

Printable stickers for the healthiest treat all day

Print out these little pirate guys and girls and add an eyepatch. All done!

Well I hope these ideas get your hearts pumping with excitement for the pinkest holiday of the year! Off to the post office with me!

You can find even more fun ideas for V-day on my pinterest Vamelumtimes page!
Don't know what a Vamelumtime is? 3 words.
Teen Girl Squad.

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