Sunday, January 23


For a while in college I had this great pair of shoes that had once been white but I doodled all over them with sharpies to make them completely unique.  Some of my friends liked them so I decorated pairs for them as well. Elyssa never got a pair of shoes, so when she asked me to decorate her Mighty Wallet for her, I had to say yes.  Not that I would have said no, it was just fitting that it was her turn.  I'd heard of the Mighty Wallet before, but never seen one. It is made out of Tyvek, you know the stuff that houses are wrapped up in? And those heavy duty mailing envelopes.  They are waterproof, don't tear, are super thin, and recyclable!
They come in all different designs and patterns but she got the simple green one for me to doodle all over!  

Click to see it bigger!

It's not the finest work in the world or anything, but I like how it turned out and Elyssa was thrilled!  

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LauraHurst said...

love love LOVE the narwhal.