Wednesday, January 19

Egg Salad.

I want it in my belly. And it's 1:30 am. So naturally there is a big old pot of boiling eggs on the stove right now while I've got Step Up 3 playing for ..cough cough...the 3rd time today. Whoa. Did I just admit that on the interwebs? Yes. And I'm really not ashamed of it in the slightest!

BREAK for favorite scene

The fantastic dancing in Step Up 2 and 3 just keeps me coming back for more.  And honestly, I think the stories are pretty good too, even if they are cliche and completely predictable.

But back to the sandwiches.  The eggs are all donezo and here is a link to the recipe I'm going to use: YUMMO!  I'll probably be too wrapped up in delicious to post about how it just fixes the craving for me so let me tell you now, I'm excited. Very excited.


The recipe had way too much dill in it, so I'd tone that down a lot and I wouldn't put the dry onion flakes in it, but rather chop up a little fresh onion.  Other than that it was so delicious and my craving has been satisfied!

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Bekah said...

I love Step Up 3 too!!! And I love that scene of I wont dance. So cute. Hey lady, I love that you are going to share after life insurance for 18 months. woot!