Tuesday, January 25

I Really Ought to Do Something

I think that pretty much every day when I wake up.  
Today after I beat myself out of that sentiment and got some clothes on my body here is what I did. 
I quilted. And quilted and quilted and quilted.  It was joyous! 
All I have to do is hand stitch around the edges and it will be finished!
I was working on a baby quilt made from a charm pack that I absolutely fell in love with.  

The line is Neptune by Tula Pink for Moda and it has an aqua minkee backing. Yummy so soft!  As soon as it is completely finished I'll post some pictures.  I free motion quilted it with an octopus, a crab, some anchors, and waves all over. You may say that I am slightly in love with all things nautical recently.  Except for that sailor language! Lets keep it PG folks! 

I think my love for all things sailor stemmed from my dad's obsession with Popeye.  I was raised as a fan of the spinach guzzling sea man and my subconscious has brought some of that back to me.  I adore stripes, knots, anchors, and all kinds of sea creatures EXCEPT SHARKS! And fish.  Sharks scare me senseless. Remember when that young girl Bethany Hamilton was out surfing and she had her arm bitten off by a tiger shark?  Well I found out about that as I was surfing in Hawaii.  The surf instructors were all talking about it and I just thought "Crap. I'm susceptible to that same fate right now. Get me out of here!"  I don't know what it is about sharks that I will never overcome, oh wait, yes I do. Its those rows and rows of jagged teeth and those beady black eyes. No thank you. Keep 'em away.
This one would be acceptable.  But only because it's teeth are rounded and I think it's stuck.  I could get enough of a head start if it came after me.

If you want to see more nautical and ocean themed images and apparel that inspire me, check out my Sail Away pinboard on Pinterest. Here's a peek at what is on there!



michael ann said...

i love love love your pinterest and if it wasn't for the fact that i already have too many websites to keep track of and update i would totally get one. haha.

LauraHurst said...

I love the shark coming out of the washer. hilarious! i would hang that in my house with pride.