Monday, November 15

Missionary Monday

My brother James is currently serving in the Florida Orlando Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and on Mondays he gets to e-mail us updates!  This picture is from a recent baptism of a girl named Brittany (she rocks because she has PINK hair!).  The sister missionaries in the photo taught her and she requested that my brother be the one to baptize her.  He told us a little bit about her and how strong her testimony is of the gospel. She's had to change a lot about her life to be in the great place that she is now.  Stories of members in his area and the people that he is teaching are my absolute favorite about his letters.

And Elder Van Buskirk here hasn't seen The Hangover yet, but I'm going to make sure he doesn't call that a man purse. It's a satchel.  Although he's pretty flamboyant about wearing it, so maybe it is a man purse.

In other news I'm eating apple pie for breakfast. SO good! Kristin came over last night and we baked up a little storm and laughed our faces off at SNL. The perfect ending to a slow weekend.


Rachel said...

Missionary Mondays are THE BEST! I love hearing from my brother in Sweden every week! Isn't it crazy to have brothers on missions? My brother is coming home next summer, how about your brother? But I do agree, I love Missionary Mondays :)

Elle said...

It is so weird. First of all it's weird to be older than missionaries because we used to think they were so cool and hott, now its our brothers.
James comes home mid April.