Wednesday, November 17


Yep. I took my own advice and spent some time off of the internet and read a book! Given, it was a graphic novel but it was excellent. Browsing through the local library I found a copy of Persepolis and had to read it. It's a memoir of a woman who grew up in Iran in the 1980's and about her experiences as a girl in a family that was opposed to the changes in the government at the time. It was moving to see how much her family fought for their cause and eventually her parents sent her to finish school in Vienna because they knew that she would only be punished and persecuted more if she stayed in Iran.  It's a beautifully told story and really informative so I'd highly recommend that you check it out. 

15. a photo of you and someone you love

This is me and my mom making total tard faces at my sister's wedding. You can only smile for a pictures and look normal like 500 times in one day. And this was obviously not one of those times. 

 16. a photo of you at the last party you went to

I've been to parties since Halloween, just none of them have been documented. 

 17. a drunk photo of you

Well no drunk pictures of me exist anymore, so this will have to do. Because any normal person in this situation would probably be drunk. I find it HILARIOUS!

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