Saturday, November 13

A Few Days Behind

I had a thought pop into my head the other day, "Those who say they don't have time to read spend too much time on the internet."  And so I took a break. Not to read, although I did pick up a few books at the library today, but to get some work done. I've got a super top secret project that I've been working on and it will be unveiled soon! I've just needed some time behind the sewing machine and its really turned out great. 

Here are the photos that I missed out on since I took my mini-hiatus:

12. a photo of you

This is me and my mini-man Rex last Thanksgiving. We were holding hands and he was my holiday date ;) I sure LOVE that kid. Oh, and this was a vegetarian Thanksgiving!  I actually had some chicken for myself, but I didn't really eat that much of it. I felt like I was cheating.

13. a photo of your best friend

I love both of these girls, but Kristin is the one on the left and she has been my best friend since like, well, forever. Our moms got together this week for a little party and I thought how weird that must be that their twinner daughters aren't around and all of the kids are growing right up! Miss Julie is the one on the right and she's pretty great too :)

 14. a photo of one of your favorite family members

This is me and my Uncle Paul right after we saw Wicked in San Francisco.  I was visiting him for a few days and we had no plans. As we drove past the Orpheum theater I just shouted "Stop! Pull over and lets see what time it's playing!" So we got ourselves very last minute nosebleed seats to the musical!  Uncle Paul and I are the under-appreciated  single roaming starving artist types of the family so we connect really well and always have a good time when we come back home for visits.   

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