Thursday, November 11

Decisions Are Hard

Like choosing a favorite movie. Ok, lets go with THIS one!
11. Your Favorite Movie
"What is that a THROWING STAR??" 
"Uh huh!"

Oh gosh. Hot Rod is going to fuel my children's lives. And Newsies. But I limited myself to only putting up one picture. Because that's what makes it a challenge!
The first time I saw this movie I hated it. Probably because I was in a pissy mood and I was with boys I didn't like (not that I don't like them now, I was just frustrated with them then) and I think I was heartbroken at the time too. I did have some of my best friends Ben and Jerry there and I think they suggested to me that I watch it again some time. I've never looked back. Thank you Brandilyn for telling me that my t-shirt collection sounds like something that Dave would wear. It's truely inspiring. I'll be putting pictures of those up soon and be making a check list of what animals I'd like to collect.

Erika and I are driving out to San Fransisco in April and we're planning a massive takeover of all thrift shops along the way. Let us know if there are any you'd suggest we hit up!

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Anonymous said...

NO WAY! You like Hot Rod TOO?!?!?! It's my absolute favorite alongside Nacho Libre! :) For this reason ALONE (not really) I am totally following your blog! ;) And you're adorable, and cute, and i love your clothes.. ok ok ok I'm not really this creepy, ever.