Sunday, October 17

I Need Some Long Lasting Flowers

I found a really neat green cut glass bottle in a giveaway pile at my old apartment complex this summer and I've needed something to display in it. I have one large vase with peacock feathers, but I was thinking paper flowers for the bottle. 
I did a little interwebbing and found these tutorials along the way:

Paper rosettes (Cute because my roommate's name is Rosette!)

I love the intricate look of the petals but they scream dust catchers!!!

And for the fabric lover in me, maybe this would be more realistic

I just kept finding more and more blogs that I was falling in love with and tutorials that I want to try out. This t-shirt one is maybe meant for little kids, but so doable for adults as well! I want to try out the freezer paper method because I only have a HUGE roll of freezer paper sitting in the kitchen drawer doing nothing. I bought it for a quilt that I appliqu├ęd and I will never use that technique again!

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