Sunday, October 17

The Burger Joint Showdown

Erika and I had a debate over local hamburger hangouts in the area tonight after we went to both of them. We have a personal favorite, but I'll let you decide which one you'd rather go to:

Sammy's Rexburg 
Tam's Old Fashioned in Rigby


Sammy's has that hipster attitude that everyone craves
Tam's has earwigs in their DVD cases
Sammy's claims to have famous pie shakes. They are good but they are better when frozen and eaten the next day
Tam's has shakes that hare half the price and don't melt right away because they aren't made with soft serve
Sammy's has live concerts that are free
Tam's has that TV that I just mentioned and you can play your own movies on it
Sammy's has fantastic sweet potato fries and decent fresh cut fries
Tam's has fresh cut fries that disappear in literally ten minutes when Erika and I are around
Sammy's skimps on guacamole on the Robi's South of the Border burger when business is crazy (or maybe the first time I had it the guy just thought I was cute and gave me more)
Tam's gave Tawnya twice as many fries as she ordered because Erika said she was just going to be eating all of them anyway
Sammy's has really cool decor like Aquabats pictures and potatoes with googley eyes
Tam's is a nasty orange color and currently decorated with dollar store halloween decorations
Sammy's has old school desks instead of tables
Tam's has a lot of nice tables that are more comfortable to sit around
Sammy's has a huge line and always reeks of onion
Tam's is never super busy when I'm there and always reeks of onion
Sammy's is the place you go to see who's out for the night and then leave to find something else to do
Tam's is the place you go after the free concert to stay a while to eat and hang out

In other words, I love them both, but Tam's is the place to go if you really want to get some excellent food, genuinely nice servers, and a chill place to hang out and talk. Sammy's is where you go to hang out with the gang and catch your friend's play a free show to half the town and watch the hipsters in their plaid shirts and horn rimmed glasses dance awkwardly in a crowd of people.

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