Saturday, October 16

Four days of favorites

61. Yarn
I like crocheting headband/ear warmers and last night as I rolled my skein of yarn up into a ball I thought to myself, "Yeah, I understand why kittens have fun playing with this stuff". It's pretty cool to think that I can make my own fabric with just a stick that has a hook on the end of it!

62. Urban Decay Liquid Liner

Yes. Very specific on this one. One sweep of this stuff across my eyes and I can be done with make up for the day and look like a million bucks when it's only $18.

63. Sticky notes
64. Nice sharp knives in the kitchen. (Dull ones can just really ruin your day)
65. Gold leaf markers
66. Leopard print slippers
67. Well, really just leopard print anything
68. My girly friends that are married and still just as fun as ever
69. BLOGS!
70. Tutorials and free patterns

71. Lindsey Oakes 
Did I already write her in as a favorite? Because she e-mailed me a bunch of Luke Bryan songs today and that just makes her great. Not that she wasn't already. Its just little things like that to keep a long distance best friendship going strong.

72. Twinkle lights
74. Family
75. Old photo albums
76. Really snazzy guitars
77. Foxes

78. Trashy hilarious movies (think 80's and House Bunny)
79. Free jewelery. (Send me all you want)
Yummy ice cream from Gibson Girl!

Me and my brother James, Uncle Paul, and my Mom

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Shaine said...

Totally agree with #62--LOVE LOVE LOVE Urban Decay everything; and the eyeliner is amazing. And I also love #80. Disneyland rocks.