Sunday, October 10

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeee!!!

So the birthday party was a huge success! My good friends Lindsey and Kade drove up from Utah to help out with the set up and just to visit. Love those two soooo much! A lot of my good friends here I met back in 2006 and 07 when I first moved out here to Idaho and we have all stuck together really well. Erika drove us all down to Idaho Falls to get the foods and the goods ready, but there was one major stop at Pac Sun first. I honestly never shop there but Lindsey has an addiction and there was a fantastic 50% off already clearanced items. Yes. The dress in these pictures is from that sale. $5. I also got it in gray and two tanks for $3.50 each. Sales rock my world.

So the party consisted of a Dance Dance Revolution contest, lots and lots of stick on tattoos, two little boys running around making everyone smile, army men and glow sticks and plastic bubbles on the coffee table, fake mustache making out of felt, lots of chili and cornbread, and pumpkin pie instead of cake!

After the party Lindsey and I turned on Bill and Ted and goofed around (breaking my toe in the process. Man we're dumb) and then she had some weird guys that she barely knew come over and let me tell you, they were boring. I really like most people and I fell asleep while they were talking. I couldn't stand it anymore and crawled upstairs to get into my own bed, but somehow got sidetracked and woke up at 6am cuddled up to Rosette. 

Today was pretty great with a stop at Christine and Shawn's house for 2nd Sunday Sundae's and carmel apples. His family was in town from Rapid City and they have the cutest little nieces and nephews that I had fun talking with. I really missed my crafty Christine because they were living in Alabama and one of the Carolina's all summer (Sorry I can't remember which one). 

I got back just in time for my recently re-found friend Elliot to come get me for BYOM (Bring your own mug) night. I didn't realize until we were there that it was the same hot chocolate night that Shanda and Breanne used to go to before I moved into the house! It was fun and I caught up with some friends that I haven't seen in a few weeks. Holly showed off some of her art and I'm going to have to show some of it off on here one day. The night ended with a reading of a Grimm's Fairy tale and it surprisingly didn't have any gore in it! Those things are usually so twisted. Love 'em. 

A huge thanks to Jaimee and Steven Young of Cyr Photography and Design for setting up an awesome photobooth at the party! 
Here are 22 pictures, one for each year of my existence, for you to enjoy.

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