Friday, October 8

Frustration Squiggle!!!

I'm am at the end of my nerves with my University right now. I'm only enrolled in 3 credits because that is all that I need to actually deserve the Bachelor's degree that was already sent to me. I really have loved my time on campus and wouldn't have traded it for any other school but I am so ready to be done. Previously everything went just plain normal for me. I signed up for classes, lived in "approved" housing and was able to walk to campus in under 10 minutes. 
This time around things are different. I wasn't expecting having to return to school and I found a really nice room to rent in a townhouse on the outskirts of town. I signed a one  year contract so I'm going to be here until at least next April. Now add a bureaucratic mess.  Everything at this school has to be done by strict regulations and procedures. I went as soon as I could and filled out a form to have my living situation approved because I can't move to school housing and even if I could I wouldn't want to because it would be more expensive and nowhere near as nice as what I have right now. 

The week I filled out the paperwork I received a phone call from the housing office saying that my housing was accepted and not to worry anymore about it. Two weeks later I had an e-mail that just said I wasn't living in approved housing and I'd have to move or fill out an exception form. Hello?? I already did that??
So it was back to the start, only this time I was denied, even though I have a roommate that is a full time student. 
They lost my paperwork. Really? REALLY?? What do we have a non existent filing system here? 
Come on. Even the miserable Vogon's have a paperwork process. I just don't know which one of you is more despicable right now. 

Oh and I neglected to mention, they are trying to accommodate for the overly large student body by not adding any additional parking and encouraging a "walking campus". Now I think that is a great idea, but lets take into consideration the students that don't live within walking distance of campus.

So come this December it's So long BYU-Idaho. And thanks for all the fish.

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Devin said...


I love this post! You are so clever and funny. Sorry about the mess with BYU-I. Surprisingly this happens a lot. Wish they could fix their administration so that it matched the education and spiritual experience you can have on that campus.