Saturday, October 23

Gouls and Goblins

Last night I went to Dr. Slaughter's haunted house in Idaho Falls and lets set thing one straight before I even say more: I get terrified so easily. About anything. I do not watch scary movies. I run out rooms after the lights are turned out (well only certain rooms). So why do I keep going to haunted houses?? Some say they go for the thrill and the adrenaline rush but I don't know if I've ever experienced that.  We all know that these are just people in latex masks and ripped old costumes and we can usually tell where they are hiding to jump out and surprise us, I still get shocked and sometimes want to slap them silly.

I love the release of being able to scream for no logical reason.  Screaming isn't really an action that is accepted as normal in society, but it has an emotional release. You can just let loose all of your pent up anxiety and feel it leave physically. One day in my freshman year of college I was so frustrated and tense that my lovely roommate Jaimee said, "Elle, put down what you are doing. We are going out back behind the shed to just scream." So we did! We yelled and hollered and just let the steam off of our teapots of frustration. The neighbors probably thought we were being mugged, but they didn't come running or anything so they weren't all that concerned. 

The next time you're feeling completely overwhelmed just try it ok? Let air fill up in your lungs and push it out as loud and hard as you can. I dare you.

In other news, Miss Beauregard is at it again with another fantastic giveaway and lets just say I want this haul! It's a massive giveaway of handmade and vintage items and one winner takes it all! Yes. I've already entered. A few times. And if you're reading this you're probably one of my friends, so if you enter and win can I at least have a hair clip? Click here to enter

Also, I came home from sick from work today and nausea is nasty not nice. It's been a big day full of sleep for me and I'm bummed because I was going to see Arsenic & Old Lace. Lamesauce.

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