Saturday, October 23

Halloweens Of Years Past

Shanda came home claiming that she was dropped on her head as a child and I found this picture to prove to her that I most likely was

Thanks Grandpa!

While hunting that photo down I found some great old Halloween photos and I wanted to see a progression of dress up. Yay! I'm planning on scanning a bunch of old photos when I go home for Christmas because lets face it, who doesn't love looking at pictures of themselves as a little person?
My very first Halloween (not even a month old!)

Traditional James face in a family picture
Yep, these are photos of scrapbook pages. Classy huh?
The Abbington Halloween Party 2006 

ONLY in Idaho. And maybe the Midwest I guess. 
That's mine. Johnny Cupcakes represent.  

The crazy grannies 
And the classy grannies 
This is how best friends are made 
I'd enjoy some Draco Malfoy!!! (And Lisa as a lunch lady)

Silence of the Lambs? 
Probably one of my most memorable costumes yet.

Now the debate is what I will be this year!!!

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Brandilyn said...

porter's fabric girl!
haha, i'm so happy you found my blog(s). and PAQ are going to be awesome--we're so excited.
it's very nice to be blog friends with you! i'm not joking when i say your hair made me consider dyeing's awesome.