Wednesday, October 6

This Is The New Year

I believe that every birthday is the start of a new year and mine began yesterday (yes I am still accepting gifts if you'd like to send some. Ha ha!) 
I can't ever promise anything with my blogging because I honestly can't remember to update regularly. What I would like to do is put up a few of the projects that I have worked on in the last few weeks and list things that make me happy. 

One would be my best friend Lindsey's blog 101 Greatest Things . She just writes the happiest little spots of sunshine from things like photobooth pictures to electric blankets. She's one of my absolute favorite people because she just doesn't care what people think and encourages me to be as trashy as I like! 
A project that I've been working on for well, work, is the Ruffle Joy Skirt by Bridget & Lucy patterns  

This is the promo picture they have up with the pattern, but it is just to tempt you until I get pictures taken of the cute ones I've made! And I can't give you instructions for the skirt because, well, its on sale. But I will provide tutorials for the embellishments that i put on them! There are 3 versions: Spring, Fall, and Christmas.

And for one last moment of joy:
Yes. I am a new addict to One Tree Hill. I'm on Disc 2 of Season 2.
Ohhhhhhhh baby!!!

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