Friday, October 15

Day The Third (of the hundreds countdown)

41. Babies!!! 

Rosette and Sean are watching the Babies documentary right now and it is just amazing that we all started out as those little helpless creatures that rely so much on our parents. A few of my friends stopped by work today with their children and I got so baby hungry holding them. Don't worry. I'm not in any kind of hurry to pop one out, I just love little kids!

42. Service 
"Kindness is just love with it's work boots on" - House Bunny
Its such a great feeling to realize that you've done something for a friend or really anyone that was above and beyond what was required from you. I feel that having a car in college was a time for me to repay for all the rides I had to bum the first 3 years I was out here. Now I take those wheels for granted. So anytime someone asks me for a ride I have to say yes. Or I offer before they can even ask. Because I know what that feels like. Not that this is a big effort or a great act of service, it's just an example.
This is what my hearse looks like, only mine isn't as shiny and it has a ski rack conveniently placed for optimal head smacking upon exiting the vehicle. 

43. Crayons
44. Stickers, especially Lisa Frank

45. Dropping in to see friends and having a nice little visit

46. Awesome finds at secondhand stores

47. Etsy. 
No more words.

48. Adopted food. 
This is what we call the things that get left in the fridge when roommates move out. One time we had an entire breakfast for dinner party made up of adopted food!

49. Embroidery
50. Adhesives

I love trying different glues and tapes for craft projects. Don't think of it as weird. Its unique. And this little painting is available on Etsy!

51. Public libraries
52. People who are socially awkward and so lovable because of it
53. Home decor 
54. Art prints

55. Free music
 I'm going to see my friend Jeff and his band Oh-No-Yoko play at Sammy's tomorrow night! So excited to hear them!

56. Inside jokes
57. Disney movies

58. Children's books
Here are a few of my favorites

59. Holiday traditions
It amazes me how many traditions there are! Every family has a set of plans for the holidays and though so are similar each is individual to the family. I'm interested to see in the future how the important traditions in my family correlate with those of my husband's. Because there is no way homegirl is going to give up her ways of celebrating!

60. Funny Funny Youtube videos! 
To find the best ones, just look up the Viral Video Film School podcast on iTunes. Absolute favorites delivered right to your iPod!


Anonymous said...

I read ALL of those books when I was little! I love them!

Elle said...

You know The Candy Witch and Feelings??? I have the oldest falling apart copies of them and I just love them!