Friday, October 15

Day Two of the One Hundreds

21. Fun nail polish

(These pictures are from xanga photoblogs. Sorry I don't have sources for them)

22. The number twenty two because it is also tutu. I considered having a ballet themed party :)
23. Long phone conversations. Especially with my mommy <3
24. Breathing in cool fall air
25. Genuine compliments
26. Scentsy
27. Little Sapling Toys

I love working with Nick and Kimber in their wood shop and also inside getting packaging and shipping done. I only wished we lived so much closer.

28. Boise. Because its got that down home Idaho feel to it, but still totally in the groove of normal modern life. Unlike Eastern Idaho...

29. My external hard drive. I don't think I've named it yet (do you name electronics and cars and things?). I have no limit to how many pictures I can save and never have to delete music from my computer again!!! Well, the limit is 500 GB, but really? That would be ridiculous.

30. Lunch break. It's over! I've gotta run back to work but it was nice to sit for a while and give my sore little broken toe a rest!

31. Sewing sewing sewing sewing!!! My love affair with fabric will have to have a blog post all to itself someday. I can't get enough of it. It may be a fatal attraction. Till death do we part. And hopefully there will be sewing machines in heaven!

32. Basketball shorts
33. Text messages
34. Missed calls from friends
35. Funny voice-mails as a result of those missed calls. My message is "It's Elle, sing your song at the beep" and I get some of the greatest singing messages ever! I've saved some for over a year just because I love to go back and listen to them.

36. Reading through old journals
37. Meeting a goal, or realizing your progress on a current one
38. Going to the Temple
39. Red velvet

find this recipe here

It's one of my new favorites. Katie Wh Ore made me some RV cupcakes for my birthday and I've been hooked ever since! Sam is having a RV cheesecake night tomorrow and I'm stoked to see how delicious it is going to be! I also was a "camper" at Red Velvet Summer Camp this year and I'd highly recommend going over and checking out the girls' blogs! Elsie Rachel Leigh-Ann Holly and Emma

40. My minkee blanket that I'm just about to go cuddle up in for the night! Yay! Time to sleep!!!

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