Tuesday, October 19

And Day FIVE!

Here is the conclusion of my 100 things I love. They are in no specific order, just how they rolled out of my head each day.

81. Country Music: Because I grew up on it. And Luke Bryan is just keeping me happy these days
82. Hip Hop: Because it just makes me want to get up and dance
83. Alternative/Pop Punk: Because its what I mostly prefer to listen to
84. Indie/Folk/Whatever you want to call it: Because it is a little different and you don't have to worry about hearing the same songs every single place you go. I'm so sick and tired of work radio

85. My Ohana
Shanda and I had an intense desire yesterday to watch Lilo and Stitch. I think I had only seen it twice before and only remembered funny little parts that my roommate Naomi would quote like 


I'll admit that I cried a little bit when the family was all being torn apart. I think the destruction of families is the saddest thing that happens in life because family is essential. Our families are the most important thing on Earth. Today was a really rough day and my family was there to support me through all of it even though it was only over the phone. I love them more than I can express in this little list on the internet.

The most recent picture I have of our whole family on my computer. And it's from 2006. Kind of pathetic of me

When we were kiddies!

With my Dad's side of the family

86. String cheese
87. Saturday Night Live. Yay Stefon!!!

88. Cleaning the house
It's one of those things that I like to do on my own time, but I really get into it. I have that personality where I despise being told what to do even if it is something I don't mind doing. I hate wearing dresses on Sundays, but I'll wear one several other days during the week. I don't mind cleaning up other people's messes or my own unless somebody has complained about it and then I'm like "if you're that bothered with it fix it yourself"

89. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On
Oh gosh. Erika and I just text each other one liners from this non stop. 
Simple, innocent, silliness is the absolute best!

90. Bath products
Story time! We had a new roommate move in about a month ago and lets just say that the three of us didn't hit it off right away with this girl. She had a hard time adjusting to living on her own and we didn't really give her a fair chance at first. Things are getting better, but less funny. Example, when she moved it she probably thought we were certifiable y crazy.  She complained to the Landlord that we had too many bottles of product in the shower. Rosette later was laughing about the situation and said "What, does she think they are staring at her??" Erika and I immediately grabbed my industrial strength glue and all of my googley eyes and proceeded to glue them to all of the bottles in the shower. Result:

91. Erika
I've mentioned her enough haven't I? Orca is one of my absolute best friends. I would be stuck in a world of lonely without her. We have that English nerd connection as well as that thing called common sense that a lot of people lack. Erika and I define the meaning of the girl connection and we always know what is going on in the other one's life. If you text me something funny she's likely to respond to you about it before I do. I heart her.

92. Disco balls
93. Excellent literature
94. Clean towels
95. Natalie Dee cartoons
96. Road trips (of any length)
97. Micron pens
98. Blowing bubbles
99. Rainstorms
100. Being ALIVE!

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Landon and Amanda said...

I have to say Elle that I have LOVED reading your top 100 list! It reminds me that the little things are important in life. And I love the googley eyed bath products and Marcel the Snail <3