Tuesday, October 19

Towel Appliqué Tutorial

Would you like to have towels that are as lovely as mine? You do! Ok. Then I will tell you how to make them :) 

This project was born the day I realized that this pretty pink set of towels that had been left behind by a previous tenet were not going to be claimed by anyone else. I'm a sucker for a good deal and nothing is better than free, but I wasn't keen on the idea of wrapping myself up in something emblazoned with "Teela". 
This technique will also work well for bleach marks, make-up stains, or other disfigurements.

The first step is to create a flower template with 6 petals and a center. I chose to have my petals out of the same fabric in different colors. (This is Martineque by Moda) A seam allowance isn't really necessary since the edges will be left unfinished. 

Arrange the petals on your towel wherever you would like the design to be and secure them with pins. I pulled the petals out far enough to cover the embroidery completely. It's ok that the center isn't covered because that step comes later!


I wanted both sides of the towel covered so I cut out a square about 2'' larger than the flower and pinned it directly on the opposite side of the towel.  


Stitch around all of the petals with a small straight stitch or a satin stitch.  After you have done the petals, center the middle of each flower and stitch around them. 

I did a pretty terrible job with the backside circle on this towel, so in the future I would just use a scrap and trim down the circle later.  Trim the excess fabric around the stitching line from the back of the towel so that it is also a flower.

Clip your threads and ta-da! A spanky new appliqué to spice up drab towels! Try some simple appliqué on other things like backpacks, kitchen towels, pillowcases, even little kids t-shirts and jeans! The back piece is only necessary if the other side of the item is going to be seen.

Time to go shower, WITHOUT Teela!

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