Saturday, May 29

Say What You Need To Say

I wonder if John Mayer was being ironic when he wrote "Say What You Need To Say".  Did you know that aside from all of the other times he says that line in the song, there is one part where it repeats 24 times? 24.  Really. I think we heard you John.  We get it.  You can stop now.  Yes, I'll try to remember that. Thank you.  Next track please.
I've had some interesting conversations in the past few days with minimum dialogue. Example number one took place at work.

Me: Hello
Woman: Batting?
M: Back Wall
W: Thanks
M: You're welcome.

End of conversation.  And our messages were totally conveyed.  Example number two happened at the dinner table last night.

Brandon: Points at a burned out light bulb above the table
Breanne: Light
Robbie: Gone
Me: Dead

So sure, human vocabulary has advanced significantly over the course of history, but sometimes it is just the basic honest moments of speech that make the most sense.  After the light bulb incident we all burst into laughter at the simplicity of Brandon's discovery.  But what we enjoyed most is that we were each able to describe our immediate reaction to the situation without over analyzing and exaggerating.  

Why can't we just literally say what we mean.  My mother raised me to not avoid the truth.  If you have a problem with something, face it head on and deal with the situation.  Now obviously this isn't the easiest way out of anything.  And feelings can and most likely will get hurt.  People can and will be offended.  I appreciate it when people tell me what they mean because I'm actually less likely to be offended.  Which do you value more in a friend?  Someone who will be open and tell you what they are feeling and thinking, or that person that always glosses things over.  Me, I'll take the open one.  I can't stand plastic fake people. The other night Myra and I were roaming around Kohl's looking for the perfect socks and a tacky last minute birthday present.  I held out a, what was it, a bag or a shoe or something and the look on her face just said, ugh no!  And so did her mouth. We agreed at that moment that honestly can really be hilarious and more people should give it a shot.  

John Mayer, please stop dating lame models and celebrities. I think that they are brainwashing you. Instead please sing to me that "It's the kind of thing you only see in scented, glossy magazines.And I can't remember life before her name."

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