Friday, May 28

I'm A Bottomless Pit

Oh thank you thank you thank you Alisa Burke for writing a post about spring rolls! I was just missing my dear friend Christine (She and her hubby ran away to Alabama for the summer) and her delicious Vietnamese food.  She's one tiny force of nature that girl.  Anyway, these spring rolls are to die for and I'm so glad that I stumbled upon a post with excellent pictures and a great looking peanut sauce recipe. Looks like I've got dinner planned! Now go make some yourself!

Get her tutorial/recipe here

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Newsy Nibby said...

Hi! I'm a total stalker! I am taking the RVA summer camp class and I was just reading the comments! When I read Rexburg, I was so excited! I live in Idaho Falls now but my husband and I are both in school there. Anyway! Just wanted to stop by and say hello! Sorry I'm really not a creep I promise! And I used to go to that porter's all the time!