Saturday, May 29

Girls, Heed The Warning

When the boy that you have been dating tells you that he is "Summer" and you are "Tom" be smart and run away.  Remember how that works out? You get stabbed 13 times with a kitchen knife like Sid did to Nancy.  And you don't win in the end no matter how hard you try.  He warned you.  And then he played the silly game where he wanted to stay best friends and take you on dates, but he really was done with you and didn't care that you couldn't turn off your feelings.  He was your best friend for those few months and you don't remember what you did every Saturday night before him.  He's your world, but alas, you are not his.
It won't work out. He said so a million times.  And you thought you could change it. Move on.
His friends are nicer to you anyway.

Devin, this post is for you. Because you complained that I wasn't writing about my dating life on my blog.  Maybe because there was already a movie made about it.

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Rachel said...

How about the one where you are first bestest friends, go out for a few months, break up & it kills you only to get back together a few months later (keep it a secret from his parents, who somewhat forced the first breakup), then get told you think you guys should 'take a break' when YOU'RE on vacation AND THEN tell you a week later you like this other girl in the ward -and you've been on 'group dates' with her all throughout summer-and ask you for dating advice? And then continue to date her for a few years, in the meantime say we're friends again only to be a huge jerk?

High school was awesome.

And I love this video & the guy who made it, my sophomore English teacher showed us his stuff.