Friday, April 16


What a busy week! All moved out of student housing and now settled into my adorable townhouse on the other side of town! Who knew it would take 4 cars to move me in one trip? Wow. I swear it all made it out here in one trip. In one VERY tightly packed Volvo! So back to that nice list of things I still need to share. I'm in Boise for a few more days and don't have access to my pictures. Those can be added later though.
A project in stage make up was to replicate daily make up from an historical era. I chose the 1920's flapper look and went all out with hair and makeup! I used these great tutorial videos and they really helped. The second one is silent, so don't make a fool of yourself trying to get the sound to work.

Here's how mine turned out:

This look was so fun that I kept it on for the full day. On campus. At home. And even out to dinner! Makeup is so versatile because it can really change you into a different person. My attitude about myself changes depending on what I've painted on. It is an art of expression. My favorite feature to accentuate is my eyes. Not to be cliche, but I want the windows to my soul to be framed nicely. The look in the 20s was meant to make women look vulnerable, like a damsel in despair. Today women make their eyes bold to be fierce and recognized. A woman tells a lot more about herself through her makeup than she may realize. As I have grown older I have become more daring with what I wear. I hardly ever wear foundation because I am completely comfortable with the skin that I am in. I only started using blush this semester at school. It was something that I found to be unnecessary and gaudy until I was taught how to use it correctly. It think it is a maturity level that I must have advanced to. I want my makeup to make me look pretty at my age, no older, no younger. Blush at a young age is just so tacky. Mascara has always been a must. Must Must Must. The first tube of mascara I ever bought was in my sophomore or junior year of high school. I told my mom that I wanted to walk home from school because I was embarrassed to ask about buying it. I stopped at Rite Aid, not exactly a straight route home, and bought the trusty green an pink Maybelline tube. I slid it into my backpack and snuck into the bathroom when I was sure no one would bother me. I applied, washed off, and reapplied the spiky wand to my lashes several times. I tried my best to be discreet but little did I know that my parents really didn't care. Mother dearest never mentioned a thing about my experimentation, she just let me go at it! Trial and error is what has brought me to where I am today. And a lot of magazine reading. It surprises me just how much I have learned about beauty and the world from reading magazines. Now that I've covered the basics I have to share my absolute favorite makeup purchase. Liquid eyeliner. I was on the hunt for the perfect liner and it took me multiple tries to find just the right one. I'm not really a makeup snob. Pretty much everything is Maybelline and Physicians Formula, but I do shop uptown for the liner. Urban Decay's liquid liner is the best thing that I have ever splurged on and now it is a necessity. It is amazing what a curl of the lashes, a stroke of liner and a sweep of mascara can do for my confidence. They day is just likely to go better if I have prepared myself to be physically ready and proud of myself.
Ladies, don't give up on yourselves! Some days are just going to go to seed, but life is still good if you are happy with who you are. Accentuate your favorite features and then move on with the day!

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