Wednesday, April 7


I finally got a copy off this print at a little shop on Main Street. Mine has a green background although I really wanted the traditional red. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this poster it is a British Propaganda poster from World War II. Apparently it was never used as it was created in anticipation of a Nazi invasion in Britain. My life isn't exactly WWII, but I like the reminder. It's going up in the new place as a reminder that life goes on. I know that it sounds cliche but it really helps me to have reminders up for myself. I'm not really into the vinyl wall words and cheesy brass stars kind of girl. Thinking of the historical context really puts things into focus.


Rachel said...

I don't know if you know Sarah Christensen, but I know she made that and other posters sold at that boutique on Main St.!

Elle said...

My friend Erika and I had a laugh about her name being on the back. We said, Miss Sarah Christensen, you can't claim ownership of this! But I'm sure glad she made a print of it :)