Monday, April 19

The Bearded and Feathered Ladies

Meredith and I both did interpretations of peacocks for animal day in Stage Makeup. Mine turned out to be an attempt at a literal recreation of the bird's feather patterns while hers is a super fun cartoonish look. Don't you just love her pipe cleaner feathers and card-stock beak?

My friend Mattie spent her spring break out here visiting me and Kristin, so I roped her into being my model. What I didn't tell her was that it was beard day! Behold the bearded lady! Somehow she's still gorgeous under that narsty facial hair and those wrinkles.

Oh bonus! White face day:

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Diana said...

Love the photos! And the different interpretations of peacock.

Also interesting how the shape of the red lips (white face day) makes it look more pouty than without the red/white. Hmmm, I find my self drawn to really study that one....