Monday, April 19

Craving Cadbury Eggs

I'm going to share a deep dark secret of mine. Promise you won't laugh, or tell my Grandma.
I suck at boiling eggs. I think that this Easter was the first time I'd ever tried to do so many! When I want to eat something with hardboiled eggs in it I just wait until I go home and have mommy dearest do it for me! Embarrassing, I know. But hard boiled or soft boiled, nothing holds me back from dying a bunch for the Holiday of Spring! Colorful eggs remind us all of the true reason behind the holiday, the Easter Bunny's birthday of course.

Erika and I hosted a party for all those of us who didn't have family to run away to for the weekend. Here are some of the happy faces of relived childhood! Preston insisted on wearing an apron to protect his clothes from the dye, and I don't know...I think this discredited his manhood a little in the process.

Little Mike always gives me lovin' and my Grandma-ly JC Penny dress just makes us look like Man and Woman of the house.

And this is what I am most proud of!!! This Greek Easter Bread is traditional in my family and it is the worst thing to me to not have our traditional foods. This is my second year making it and it turned out much better than the previous attempt. The exact recipe is a strict family secret and my Grandma (how many times can I use the word grandma in this post) made me swear that I would share it with no one outside of the family when she gave it to me. Since I'd prefer to not be ostracized from my kin, I'll just give you links to a few recipes that are similar.


Diana said...

Yay for keeping family traditions alive! Fun to see on your blog the things that you have been up to -- I am really enjoying it. :)

Never had Greek Easter Bread...will have to make some. Is there a story or tradition that goes with it?

btw - Here's how I make hard boiled eggs. Put eggs in water...turn on stove to med high, cook for twenty minutes (not all of that will be boiling time) for hard boiled eggs. Drain and rinse under cold for a few minutes.

Elle said...

Ha ha! Thanks! I think I just didn't boil them long enough. Squishy inside. Gross.

I know that there is a tradition behind the red eggs in the bread, but I don't know what they symbolize. Also this is a tiny loaf. My Grandma uses about 16 cups of flour.