Thursday, February 25

This Is Why I'm Hot

Or in other words; This is why I've been too busy to write any blog posts.

1. It's my last semester of College
2. I've been ridiculously sick and have missed a lot of class, so I can't exactly be on the computer can I?
3. Mr. Diego, the computer in question, has been malfunctioning and needs to be replaced (want to send me a free computer????)
4. No motivation
5. I've been doing so many projects that there isn't enough time to share anything about them!
6. Our school's production of Macbeth is in full swing and I do makeup backstage several nights a week
7. My ceramics class is in project overload and I'd rather be on a wheel than a laptop
8. I'm not sure that I care about writing everything out for the world to read. Hey world! Want to hear about the guys that I made up to look like 50 year old me?! So exciting I'm sure ;)
9. I'm venturing into home decor projects and having more fun than I expected
10. Remember #1? It's so stressful!!!!!!

So now that the list is out it's time to make a confession and share a few other things.
Confession time: I never did that January challenge. It kicked my trash. I'll blame it on the malfunctioning computer because I never even printed out the score sheet. But I've been given new goals! I'm in a women's weightlifting class with one of my best friends and it has done WONDERS for our triceps! Take that flabby Relief Society arms! So our teacher is this adorable little old man who sings us Michael Buble songs as we bust our guts doing crunches and then tells us we need to be lifting more, more, more!!! (In other words, my shoulders have absolutely no strength and he was disgusted at my wimpyness). So Mr. We-Don't-Actually-Know-His-Name gave us a challenge today: No sugar or fast food for the next month.

The fast food part really won't be hard to tackle since I don't go out much to eat and when I do it's usually because I'm craving a Blizzard from Dairy Queen (Why don't they make Blizzards with nerds candy in them anymore? Those were my cocaine on road trips as a child). The sugar will be harder. Its just something that is so easy slip up on! I just went down to my kitchen cupboard and poured my cinnamon sugar into my roommate's container of it, split up the remaining Twilight Sweethearts that I bought for Valentine's Day (Don't judge. They were cheaper than the normal ones and also really delicious!), and realized that I'm seriously going to have to pay attention to what I eat. Not like this wasn't news to me. Hello you're talking to the girl that is addicted to popcorn and cheese & crackers! (Crunching a Keebler one as we speak...)

So, that's the crap. No Ben and Jerry for me. Sorry guys. I'm seeing someone else. He's Jolly, he's green, and he's larger than the average human. Carrot sticks and raisins here I come.
Can't you just hear my enthusiasm?!!!

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