Thursday, February 25

Turning Over New Pages

I've been reconnecting with a lot of old friends in the past few months and I can't begin to describe what a joy it is to have them back. Moving around a lot makes it tricky to keep everyone connected and caught up and its so dissapointing to lose contact with great people.
My good friend Hannah is a talented cake decorator and she always has something delicious lingering, waiting to fall right to our hips. She invited some of us over for cake munching one night and I caught up with Kimberly, anther friend from our days at Royal Crest. She invited me to join an online book club with some of our other friends who have moved away. Isn't that just the greatest idea? I'm usually working on some novel in my "spare" time so now I have people to discuss them with! The first book I'm joining in on is Mitch Albom's Have A Little Faith. It's been ordered from and should be here in 3-5 buisness days. Hooray! And who can pass up free shipping? I sure can't. So the movie And Ideal Husband, you know, based on the play by Oscar Wilde, starring Rupert Everett, my secret Victorianesque acting crush, is on it's way too!!!

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