Saturday, August 1

Feathers and Flowers

Today I finally got around to wearing the feather headband I made. I love big retro-fancy hairpieces, but I'm too lazy in the way I dress most days to be able to pull the look off, but paired with a white tee and jeans it stole the show! Speaking of lazy, I don't feel like downloading pictures onto my comp, so we're going the route of the good old camera phone!

My feather headband

Yeah, so this is just a man's necktie! Easy easy!

A velvet and fabric headband I made

Quite honestly I've gotten hooked on this look from reading too many Gossip Girl novels. Blair is currently my favorite fashionista. Ok, I mean whoever does the costumes for the show is. The clothes described in the books sounds pretty tacky. Come on Serena, tiny t-shirt and red terrycloth sweats? I don't care if they are made by Russell or Juicy Couture, that just sounds like a disaster. Ok, back on track. Here's Bair's fabulous headgear:

You can find a great recreation of this headband at Astrea's Etsy shop, but I dare you to make one yourself. Another Etsy stop you need to make is to visit MissRubySue. Check out some of her great creations!

Shoe Clips (for heels, sandals, or really anywhere you want!)

Fancy bib necklaces

And of course, fabulous rosettes and feathers all over thin headbands!!!

And lastly, I found these pretty over-the-top headbands during another one of my out of control internet browsing sessions. I'm pretty sure brides will soon stop carrying bouquets and just wear them on their heads.

Well it's time for me to conform into the work uniform, but maybe I'll break standard a little tonight and find a nice flower for my ponytail :)

And of course, what post is complete without a song?

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