Wednesday, January 7

Click Clack Moo

First day of Winter Semester 2009!

Luckily my roommate Kami has a 7:45 religion class, so we were both up in time to trudge up the slushy hill to the Taylor this morning. I started the day with mission prep and I know it is going to be so great. It's sure going to be a ton of work, but that's what it's all about. Some of the class goals are to memorize D&C 4 verbatim, recognize all 100 scripture mastery verses, memorize the 13 Articles of Faith, and the names and seniority of the 12 Apostles and the First Presidency. I guess that those things aren't going to be impossibly difficult because I'm familiar with everything, but memorization is not one of my strengths! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are my gap days, meaning there are breaks in between my classes so I can go to the library for short times throughout the day. Obviously I don't really need to be there today or tomorrow since my homework load hasn't really started yet, but I did a lap through the McKay for good measure, you know, see if my regular desk was as effective as it has been in the past. I did get some reading done for my American Lit class, which is a good thing.

My biggest goals for this semester are to have regular personal scripture study and to stay on top of deadlines for assignments.

The third class of the day was Children's Literature. I've been anticipating this class since I signed up for it because I've had the teacher before. Brother Grant is the type of teacher that wants his students to learn for themselves. He says that the biggest accusation made of him is that he is too vague. And yes. I agree. He is a very vague person. But I learned how to harness my creativity and use it for class through his assignments. Our booklist for this class is about 15 children's picture books and novels and for each one that we read for class we are required to create some type of teaching packet. That is the only instruction.

Our intro assignment today was based off of the book Zoom . Each page of the book was cut out, laminated, and lying facedown on the floor in the center of the room. Our instruction was to each choose a page and not show it to anyone else in the class. From there we described our pictures to each other and tried to assemble ourselves into some kind of order. Success!
I've actually done this exact lesson in a different class at the end of the semester so it was interesting to watch the class interaction. Our topic of discussion was perspective. I don't want to give too much description of Zoom because it is so unique and once you know what the connections between the pictures are the activity becomes so obvious. So I can just suggest you go find this book at the library.

Finishing up the class period Brother Grant vaguely reviewed our syllabus for the semester and announced the packet assignment, our first one is to be based on perspective, to "create a powerful vision of possiblity". Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type was our first assigned reading and we applied our discussion of perspective to it as well. I hope to keep up on the books we're reading and other assignments I work on this semester through blogging. As I've been writing this it has been a great review of my day, and so I guess I can count it as studying notes. Ha ha! Bonus!

Oh, and since I'm music obsessed:
Here is the newest song I'm obsessing over,
And I've got my desktop wallpaper set as quotes from the infamous "Lazy Sunday" so I sing it every time it comes on.

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