Sunday, August 2

Boxing Day Is Not Always The 26th of December

It's one month until I move! Moving is great because it gives you a chance to really deep clean out your junk drawers and narrow your wardrobe down to what's essential and what's just been hanging out for a while. I've moved every six months for the past three years, so you think I'd have it down to an art. Maybe a Jackson Pollack kind of art. Organized chaos. My mom came and helped me pack everything up in April and she's got the most amazing packing skillz. I'm pretty sure my entire kitchen fit into 2 boxes. And they weren't refrigerator boxes! Now it's my turn to see how much of my life will fit in the back of my stationwagon. Good thing I don't drive a Mini Cooper! (Yes, that is the ONLY context you will hear me say that phrase in.)
So the question here should be: Elle what are you going to do to be more organized?
But I'd rather ask: Elle what are you going to do to make sure your new apartment looks FABULOUS???
Easy! I started some art projects. The first step was printing some random images I've had saved on my computer for a while but have had no use for until now. I used photo paper and highest resolution printing properties to make sure they wouldn't end up looking tacky.

Here are my images:

A scan of a postcard my friend sent me while she was on exchange in France

Cupcake Meditation from Johnny Cupcakes

Alex and Jack from All Time Low

I want to get a nice (but relatively cheap) frame for the postcard print and put it in the living room, but after a little mat board, ribbon, and hot glue this is what the other two prints ended up like for my kitchen. Dang I'm excited to cook dinner looking at those crazy boys!

I found a few great vintage travel posters for free download and I'm feelin' this colorful Vegas one for a future project

Here's the song/video for today. I heart John Ohhh!!! He has the most

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