Saturday, August 22

Dorm Decor

These are great ideas! 2 of my roomates and I are blonde and blue eyed so we took a collage photo frame and filled it with baby pictures. It was so funny to have our friends try to guess who was who! It was a great ice breaker when we met new people as well. Another suggestion, get a housplant! Placing one of my breakfast bar kept me and the roomies from piling junk, and it gives you something to take care of (you're more likely to take better care of yourself if something else is relying on you, even if it is an ugly little leafy potted plant) Find funny magazine pictures or pretty ones and create a collage on an open wall. Throw pillows and extra blankets on the couch make a college apartment more homey. And put a pad of sticky notes and a pen by the front door! I can't tell you how many times we've had notes saying "don't lock me out I can't find my keys!!!"

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