Saturday, August 22

Halloween Haunting

I've been combing the web for Halloween ideas myself and
I'd like to share some great resources I've found:
And you'll always find great ideas from Martha and Real Simple! I ravenged my grandma's backstock of MS Living and marked all of the ideas I love in the Halloween issues. You can find pretty much all of them online
Sorry I didn't get any cool pictures to lure you into the websites, but trust me, they're all keepers. Ghoul Friday has all kinds of fun craft stuff to show off, All Crafts has piles and piles of crafty ideas for Halloween and other holidays, and Ravens Blight is some little creepy genius. There are songs, printable toys, weird creepy pictures, basically anything you could want for a nice creepy halloween. I'm not saying creepy is my favorite, but I don't like it all sugar and spice when it comes to the scariest night of the year!

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