Wednesday, August 19

*Crystal Ball Revealed*

With graduation not as far off as I had always imagined (think April) I keep getting the question, "So what are you going to do with your life huh? huh?" The only answer I can seem to give is "You know; eat, breath, sleep, read fashion magazines and check Facebook". But times have changed sister! (or brother)

This is the plan:
Buy a few packages of Rit dye in black and charcoal and apply to entire wardrobe
Fly to Paris and habitate in a dusty attic
Get a job at a corner cafe
Survive on crusty baguettes and fine cheese
Take long walks in the park and adopt a charming small dog

In other news, my cupcake obsession has not been satiated yet and this tatalizing Cupcake tour of New York was brought to my attention by a new favorite blog Magpie & Cake. New York would make a satisfactory backup plan if I fail to survive the swim across the Atlantic to France.

I can't seem to focus completely on this post because I've been engulfed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on my iPod for the past few days. Maybe I'll complete my thoughts later. Or maybe not.

Oh yeah, and in other entertainment news (since it is new release Tuesday and all) I added Gossip Girl season 2 to my collection and saw Julie & Julia. Fantastic movie! Perhaps that is what stimulated my desire to travel abroad...

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