Tuesday, August 18

Placer Culpable

My guilty pleasures:

An ongoing list of things that are bound to bring a smile to my face and maybe a little blush to my cheeks for admitting to.

Checking my horoscope
(Today's Horoscope from
Your ever-expanding life needs some structure to keep growing and flowing along smoothly. Break it down to days, Libra–that way, you won’t have to waste time thinking and calculating. Pick three days of the week for exercise, one for financial upkeep, another for housecleaning, and so on. Plug those “to do’s” into your calendar with pop-up reminders. Once this skeleton is in place, you can plan your socializing without worrying that your life will implode while you’re out listening to jazz at your favorite lounge.

Taking ridiculous "What blank blank blank are you?" personality quizzes
You'd fit in best with the locals of New Jersey! You are Blair Waldorf! YOuR aUrA is PiNk!

Downloading crazy amounts of new music
I make then Good Girls Go Bad with 4 different remixes!

Shopping online and filling up an entire cart only to remove everything or close the window
Oh hello Forever21 checkout, meet my empty wallet.

Creating witty Facebook status updates in my head whenever I'm doing something fun
Elle just threw a football in the bonfire! Sorry Paul, glow-in-the dark is so 90's.

Getting 99cent Wet 'n Wild nail polishes so I can have a crazy color and not blow my budget
Which will it be? I'm Not Really a Waitress Red for $7 or 99 cent color and the new Real Simple?

Stacy's Pita Chips
Must pull hand out of bag!!!

Long showers
I nag everyone about leaving the water running when brushing teeth, washing dishes, scrubbing hands...but then I take luxuriously long hot showers. I say that I just accommodate in other areas to allow for my splurging. If only my budget patterns were as good as my water saving techniques!

I have subcriptions to Barats and Bereta and Smosh so I can be the first to see the new videos!

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