Monday, August 25

Summer 2008

Lets be cliche. A picture says a thousand words. So I'll summarize the past 5 months with my favorite snapshots to save some time.

watermelon with raya

camp rock-final jam

all time low


ladybug and bracelets

shoes and buttercups

a whole new world

walt disney concert hall


White Badger said...

Hey Elle!
Great blog, btw!
I will have to talk more lata, when I get somewhere to type.
- Aaron

Retard3dLoser said...

Hey there,
Thanks for the comment, I haven't been on xanga in like 2 years, haha, wow.
Buuuut, to fulfill your request, the song is...
Best Date by Whitley.
Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

PS. Awesome pictures. Anberlin and All Time Low: great music.