Tuesday, May 7

Animated Disney Challenge


1. Favorite Character: What if I say Prince John because I can't decide on one. What a great indecisive way to begin amiright?

2. Favorite Official Princess: Cinderella. Come now, she has a song with my name in it :)

3. Favorite Official Prince: Prince Phillip

4. Favorite Heroine: Pocahontas

5 Favorite Hero: Simba

6. Favorite Cast of Characters: Peter Pan

7. Favorite Friendship: Lumiere & Cogsworth

8. Favorite Sidekick: Pain & Panic 

9. Favorite Couple: Yzma & Kronk (hee hee!!!)

10. Favorite Animal Couple: Maid Marian & Robin Hood

11. The Pet You Wish You Had: Arcimedes

12. Favorite Villain: Ursula

13. Favorite Villain Song: Be Prepared or Marvelous Mad Madam Mim

14. The Most Chilling Villain Demise: I'm gonna go non Disney for a second and say Rasputin in Anastasia. 

15. A Moment That Makes You Laugh Until It Hurts: Meet The Robinsons "I've got a big head and little arms" 

16. A Moment That Makes You Cry Your Eyes Out: The facedown between Gaston & the Beast

17. A Moment That Scares You: Hercules diving for Meg in the swirly whirly pool of spirits

18. A Moment That Makes You Mad: When Flotsam & Jetsam flip the boat during "kiss the girl"!!!

19. A Moment That Makes You Happy: Toulouse hissing in the Aristocats

20. Favorite Musical Number: Friend Like Me 

21. Favorite Romantic Moment: Robin Hood giving Maid Marian the flower ring

22. Favorite Ending: Princess & The Frog

23. A Line That Inspires You: "Don't forget the importance of body language!"

24. The First Movie You Remember Seeing: The Little Mermaid. We left the theater because I was terrified by King Triton

25. A Movie You Think Is Under-appreciated: Sword in the Stone

26-29 Just skipping these

30. Favorite Movie: It seems that I've changed my tune about The Little Mermaid in the past 22 years. And I'm going to claim it as my current fave.

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