Monday, April 11

Last Week On The Web

I came upon these great things!

I'll get to see my first fireflies on my mission!

If this worked I'd have gone through a million boyfriends by now

silly :)

The lady who created this fantastic umbrella has a fun story to go along with it. Check it out!

I love Elycia's heart shaped elbow patches. Time to grab one of my many sweaters and make some!

If I have a boy someday I may do this for his room

And finally, if this image is unfamiliar to you, you MUST click on the little heart and find out what it's all about. But maybe run to the bathroom first because you may pee your pants.


Ben and Emily Davidson said...

Okay first of all, I am totally jealous you're going to get to see a firefly. That is one of my life goals, I think.. to see a firefly.
Second, what in the world and who in the world is the "lalalolo" guy?? It was hard to watch it all the way through, haha.. but I'm glad I did.

poops, lovies and boogs said...

elle i will miss your blog posts! yeah, that guy was like so weird. the weirdest thing i've ever seen. i want to know the story behind that. was he being funny?? or serious. so interesting. enjoy you mission, sister. what an experience it will be! and fireflies are so crazy looking. like sparks coming out of the grass.

Elle said...

Miriam! You don't have to miss my blog posts because I am going into a mission that is part of the online missionary program so there is a good chance I'll still be updating!

Also, about the crazy singing dude, I have no idea who he is or anything. Part of the video was on a podcast that I watch and I thought it was hilarious! Little did I know it went on and on!

:cassia marie: said...

ok, i have a friend who is on her mission currently, and she has her mom post her emails on her blog so we all are still updated! it's wonderful!! i would highly encourage this :)

second, joey was shocked when he realized i have never seen a real firefly. we will be fixing this someday.

third, i am really wanting to steal your nursery idea, cuz i am having a boy! haha.

:cassia marie: said...


Elle said...

Cassia. Please steal it. Please!