Saturday, March 5

This Is My Boyfriend

Our kitty boy has adopted me as his favorite in the house.  Well he hasn't said that in so many words because, well, he's a cat.  But he sleeps with me every night and can almost always be found in my room. As I mentioned before he came to us with the name Tosh but after my mom realized that Tosh.0 was not something she wanted a family member named after we've settled mostly on Guster.  
He is a Sealpoint Siamese that came from a breeder but his family before us was unable to keep up grooming costs and they had allergies so he was sent to a shelter.  Big blue eyes fits so perfectly into our home that it seems like he's never known anything else.  
I got this picture with my phone right when I woke up.  His typical night routine is to curl up under the covers with me. I have never known a cat to like being surrounded like that. He'll snuggle up to me and when I roll over he just climbs over me and settles in again.  I know he's getting more comfortable because this morning he practically sat on my face as soon as I was awake. 
Oh little buddy you make me so happy!

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