Wednesday, March 2

Taste The Rainbow

I have finally joined the obsession of rainbow cake!  The other night I was babysitting my little sisters and they suggested that we play Wii. I honestly love throwing imaginary frisbees at computer animated dogs but I didn't feel like doing that on our special night together.  I raided the front hallway and found one white cake mix and we set off on our food coloring adventure!  

These are our finished cupcakes which we dubbed "playdough cake" because of how vivid the colors turned out!  We used gel coloring by Wilton and lets just say I wanted to make sure that there was plenty of color...
The cupcake shaped oven mitts were a project that we did together a few weeks ago. Very cute and easy. You can get the pattern from the designer here

This is our batter after we added the coloring.  I opted for pyrex measuring cups rather than bowls because the pour spout made it easier for little fingers to pour the colors into the cups.  One point for genius?

There was no rhyme or reason to the order of colors poured and by the end we were mixing the batters together to make purple and orange.  What smart little sisters I have that only wanted to use primary colors so they could play with their food.  The heart shaped cups are silicone and peel away easily to show of the layers of color.

And here we have it! A multi layered colorific confection! 

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Devin said...

I LOVE this. Definitely stealing the idea for a creative date/home teacher gift. You're so creative!